Change Your World


Year 13 is a discipleship gap year for school leavers, preparing you to change the world for Christ, whatever walk of life you choose


Get community

You’ll connect with likeminded school leavers passionate about Jesus!

Hang out, chat and pray with Christians from all around the country and the world.

Stay overnight on campus and share your life and faith.

Have time to connect on a deeper level, ask tough questions and pray for one another in small and large groups.

Quantity time makes for quality friendships that last beyond your gap year as you join the Year 13 Grad Community.


get immersed

You’ll go deeper with God so that you know how to shape your life and future around Jesus.

Dig deep into God’s word in class, chapel, discussions, solos and in your personal Bible reading.

We learn in community and look closely at: Biblical Theology of Mission, New Testament, The Doctrines of God, Evangelism, Cross-Cultural Mission, Practical Ministry Skills and more.

Choose your depth of study and take on Year 13 at audit, certificate or diploma level.


get equipped

You’ll be discipled by our experienced lecturers and pastoral leaders.

Gain inspiration from special guests who come and share their work and ministry life experience with you.

Grow your skills in Christian leadership as you serve in a ministry placement in your church or a school across the year.

You’ll be shaped by the joys and challenges of ministry under the care of a supervisor and personal mentor.

You’ll show God’s love in action through serving on a youth or children’s camp.


get missional

You’ll play your part in God’s global mission as you experience real, life-changing ministry in an eye-opening month-long trip to Fiji.

Partner with local Fijian churches and Christians to minister the gospel to youth and children.

You will serve in orphanages, schools, prisons and participate in hands-on community projects.

Experience local life first-hand in the homes of Fijian families and be inspired as you contribute to God’s mission to see Jesus glorified in all the world.


Get moving

You’ll move forward in your knowledge of God, service of his people and understanding of yourself.

Make a valuable contribution immediately on leaving school rather than waiting to finish further education and training.

Get a head start on a theological education that will enhance your knowledge and prepare you for more.

Build your CV with X-Factor skills and qualities that will set you ahead of the pack when it comes to job interviews in the future.

Take your place in God’s global mission now as a leader among leaders.